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Made in Germany

FINDEISEN focuses on high-quality wristwatches in timeless design. Each model presents a unique, tangible history of the historical city that give its name to the watch. For all timepieces Swiss automatic movements, best stainless steel as well as sapphire glasses and high-quality application dials are used. The symbiosis of these factors, combined with excellent workmanship, guarantees you timepieces of the best quality.

From the Ore Mountains

Findeisen is an old Saxon family name, the origin of which lies in the Ore Mountains around the small town of Zschopau. The ancestors of the Findeisen family lived in this area as early as the late 18th century. In the Middle Ages, Findeisen was a common name for blacksmiths. You can still find the name most often in the so-called "Christmas land" today.


Karl Ferdinand Findeisen

Karl Ferdinand Findeisen was born on November 29, 1869 in Hertigswalde near Sebnitz, Saxony. His father, Ferdinand Findeisen, born on August 18, 1846 in Hohndorf, had settled in Saxon Switzerland for professional reasons. Around 1890, Karl Ferdinand Findeisen and his family moved back to the Ore Mountains. Here he married his wife Marie in 1898 and worked as an accountant at Tüllfabrik Flöha AG until 1935, which is still operating today under the name of Forst Ebnath AG. He died in 1956 at the age of 86.

Karl Ferdinand Findeisen is rarely seen in his photos without a pocket watch. His love for timepieces went so far that he wanted to immortalize his last name on the dial of one of his pocket watches. However, that did not happen. But this idea never left him, remembers his granddaughter Ursula.

Max Karl Findeisen

Max Karl Findeisen was born in Zschopau on October 24, 1907. He was fascinated by the increasingly popular wristwatches. Also known as a “watch fool”, Max Findeisen dismantled a wristwatch in the 1960s, following his father's idea, and redesigned the dial with a FINDEISEN engraving. The realization of a watch with the name FINDEISEN has not developed any further.

In 1939 daughter Ursula was born as the first of 3 daughters.
Max Findeisen died as a result of an operation in 1973 at the age of 66.


East Prussia
The passion

Karl Ferdinand Findeisen's great passion besides clocks was urban studies in the historical east of Germany. Reading about architecture in the former East Prussia, such as the three volumes "Basics for Building in Town and Country" (Steinmetz 1917), underpinned his interest in that province.

Made in Franconia

Martin Zettl, born in Chemnitz, great-great-grandson of Karl Ferdinand Findeisen, took up the idea of a Findeisen watch in 2014. His grandmother Ursula gave the impetus for this. Her stories about his grandfathers and their love for watches moved him to breathe real life into the idea.

In 2017 Martin Zettl registered FINDEISEN as a watch brand and founded Findeisen Uhren. Production takes place in a small watch manufacturer in the Franconian city of Nuremberg. High-quality components from leading manufacturers and quality at the highest level were and are the indispensable prerequisites for that.

In order to offer watch enthusiasts around the world something unique, Martin Zettl combined the pure idea of the FINDEISEN brand with urban customers in what is now historic East Germany. The first two watch models "Königsberg" and "Allenstein" were created together with a renowned Berlin historian. FINDEISEN is honoring the centuries-old history of these cities in a very special and previously unprecedented way in the high-quality luxury watch segment.

With this unique selling point, FINDEISEN quickly made a name for itself in the world of fine mechanical wristwatches.

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Luxurious Timepieces 

Findeisen Uhren von bester Qualität

The FINDEISEN quality promise

All our timepieces are manufactured in small quantities and with the greatest care in Nuremberg.

Of course all watches from FINDEISEN are pressure tested and adjusted. We ship exclusively with special transports of valuables, so that your watch arrives at your place without damage.

For all models you have the right of return within 30 days
and 3 years warranty.

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