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Michael Brandner, born in 1951, is a trained carpenter, technical draftsman and interior designer. Before his breakthrough as a television actor in the Ruhrpott saga Rote Erde (1983-1989), he was a member of the ensemble at the Dortmund City Theater. Since 1990 Michael Brandner has starred in well over 150 television films and series. Whether in Tatort , in Polizeiruf 110 , or at the side of George Clooney in Monuments Men , Michael Brandner works brilliantly in each of his roles. Since 2011 Michael Brandner has been in his prime role as (meanwhile degraded) police advisor Reimund Girwidz in the early evening series Hubert ohne Staller.



Michael Brandner is a German icon, what he wears - he chooses very consciously. Every outfit sends a message, Mr. Brandner knows that very well. Every accessory of his look is crucial. Mr. Brandner shows an uncompromising love of detail when selecting his glasses and suits, for example.

Mr. Brandner owns a large selection of fine, mechanical wristwatches. If he's on the set or spends time with his wife Karin Brandner in Munich, he might choose the Allenstein Clara. With its restrained design and an impressive mosaic finish on the dial, this automatic timepiece creates a perfect symbiosis of elegance and understatement. Michael Brandner wears the model in a light and dark version as well as all versions of the Königsberg Chronograph and the Memel F-1253.



Mr. Brandner is not only known for his outstanding acting skills, he is also an extremely popular and personable personality with a high level of credibility.

In 2020 we met Mr. Brandner together with his wife in Munich for a joint dinner. Here we learned one or two interesting anecdotes from Michael Brandner's eventful life and agreed to work together for the next 2 years.

A man with a clear demeanor and a special preference for unusual accessories and a love of fine mechanical wristwatches - makes Mr. Brandner the ideal face of FINDEISEN.

Michael Brandner Partner von Findeisen Uhren