Advice and care

Like any measuring instrument, a watch needs regular maintenance to ensure that it always works perfectly. We cannot give general information on the frequency of maintenance, as this depends on the model, the weather conditions and the way a watch is treated and worn. The water-resistance of a watch may deteriorate over time, for example as the seals age.

Impacts, falls, and improper handling may affect the water resistance. For this reason, we recommend that the watch be serviced or overhauled every 3 to 6 years with a comprehensive inspection, depending on the use of the watch. Strong magnetic fields, such as those generated by loudspeakers or refrigerators, or large differences in air pressure, such as those found in the transport compartments of airplanes, may also damage your timepiece.



Clean metal bracelets and waterproof cases with a fine microfiber cloth and soapy water and use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to dry them off.

Avoid direct contact of the watch with solvents and detergents, perfume, cosmetics, etc., as such products may damage the band, case or gaskets.

Salt water

Always rinse the watch with clean tap water after bathing in salt water.

External Exposure

Protect the watch from shocks and strong sunlight and light.


If possible, do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures (higher than 45°C or lower than 0°C) and avoid large temperature fluctuations.

Non-screw crown


Always push the crown to the neutral position to prevent water from entering the movement.

Leather straps

Do not expose the bracelet to sunlight for long periods of time to prevent the color from fading.

Do not bring the bracelet into contact with water and moisture, discoloration or deformation may result.

Do not bring the leather strap into contact with greasy substances and cosmetic products. We expressly do not recommend cleaning the bracelet with leather cleaners.

Water resistance

The water-resistance of a watch may deteriorate over time, for example due to the ageing of seals or due to impact against one of the components responsible for water-resistance, such as the crown, pushers or crystal. For this reason, we are unable to provide a guarantee of water-resistance.